Why us?

Virtual Assistant Ninjas EXCLUSIVELY caters to maternity and mental health entrepreneurs.  Because we provide targeted operations support to midwives, doulas, and mental health practitioners, we know the workings and needs  of this space like no other VA company.

We have spent the last 13 years developing and mastering the best practices to assist busy entrepreneurs with increasing their productivity and optimizing their operations.  With the help of a leading midwife and psychiatric nurse practitioner in our home state, we created a solution that gets to the core issues you face.  We’re not trying to do all the thing for all the people. Just the right things for a very special industry.

Simply put: Our virtual assistants are your new secret weapon to your business chaos.

About us

Our core values are simple and key to our company’s success and yours: to always provide professionalism, to always increase productivity, to always perform at a high level, and to always be ethical.

Highly Trained

Our VAs are executive and administrative assistants with years of experience in many settings from fast growing small offices to Fortune 500 companies.

No Startup or Hidden Fees

We know the importance of reducing labor costs so we keep labor costs down. You only pay for the services provided.

Weekend Service

Need a little more than Monday-Friday 9-5pm? We can help! We have virtual assistants ready to help you during those after hours.

U.S. Based

Having highly trained U.S. based virtual assistants allows for better communication, no time zone issues, and no language or culture barriers.

Cancel Anytime

We don’t hold our clients hostage. No contracts, just results.

Stringent Recruitment Process

Our VAs are college educated and fully trained so that they can begin work TODAY. We only bring on less than 2% of applicants.

How We Work

Our service is designed to quickly get you started with accelerating your productivity!
Discovery call to discuss your needs.
Implement a plan that outlines how we serve you.
Match you with a VA and let the magic begin!

contact us about our plans